Call Centres

Euphoria’s solution is a hosted call center solution that delivers greater agent productivity and flexible call center management, at a fraction of the cost of traditional call center solutions.

Euphoria’s call centre solution works with Euphoria’s proprietary Agent Manager Soft Phone or Voip phones to give you an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful call centre system. The added benefit is the system can be used for the entire company including back office administration. outbound sales and inbound support. One system, one control centre, one service provider.

If you have a customer service department, a telesales team, or a technical support department, you already know that the old-school call centres require a huge up-front capital investment in on-site hardware and software. At Euphoria, we do it differently.

If you are seriously looking for a call centre solution take a few minutes and watch the overview video. Feel free to contact us for a live demo or further information.

Cloud based Call Centre System – Video Tour