Fresh Phone

Freshphone is an exciting product we offer that changes the landscape of voice services for homes and micro businesses! Its a digital equivalent to the traditional landline for making calls, BUT you have no monthly costs.

Some even more exciting features is that we are able to transfer (port) your existing geographical landline numbers such as 011... 021... 031... numbers. Call costs are very low and the quality of the service is exellent.

This offering pairs perfectly with our Fiber and Wireless connectivity options.

Even though its free you get these awesome features...


Functionality Included

  • Call forwarding 
  • Pin protected dialling 
  • Caller ID 
  • Personal Voicemail greetings 
  • Country restrictions
  • Receive voicemail to your email

Pricing Features

  • No monthly costs 
  • Only pay for the calls you make 
  • Low cost local and international calls 
  • Pure per second billing 
  • Calls to other Freshphone users are free

Account Features

  • Port your existing geographic number 
  • Topup your airtime online anytime 
  • View your airtime balance 
  • View your call history 
  • Make up to 2 simultaneous calls

Call Pricing

Standard Rates (per minute)
Billing Increment
Freshphone to Freshphone / GSolutions
Telkom Local and National
Pure per second
All Cellular Networks
Pure per second

For International call rates please download our full pricing guide.