GSolutions provides a multitude of Fibre connectivity offerings to companies and individuals throughout South Africa. Like most things in life not all services and solutions are equal. It is our philosophy to build and provide only high quality services on  Fibre which is why all our offering have unshaped bandwidth and low contention ratios.

When it comes to selecting the best fibre service for you requirements our team are trained and will assist you in evaluating and advising on the different options available.

Thanks to our great control panel you have the full ability to manage your service with us. You can signup for any of our services, upgrade / downgrade your service,  purchase top ups and check your usage. The best part is any changes you make are immediately active.


Home Fibre

We offer fibre to the home (FTTH) through the Openserve and Frogfoot networks.


Business Fibre

Our business Fibre leverages both the DFA and City of Cape Town fibre networks.


Community Fibre

Our Community fibre offerings are designed to benefit both tenants and landlords.